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So Your Baby Has Colic…

 These tips are invaluable! Please share this info with all of your first time mom friends! by Kristina Brightbill | guest writer for The Snap Mom We all hear about colicky babies: babies that can’t be put down, crying for many ...

14 Nutrient Packed Snacks For Busy New Moms

Stay tuned for more articles on our upcoming series: "surviving life with a newborn" by Lisa Strickland | Head editor for The Snap Mom Life with a newborn is wonderful, magical, and utterly EXHAUSTING. With all the diaper ...

7-week-old Says “Hello” (FOR REAL!)- VIDEO

His word is clear as day! Did any of your children talk early? Video Source

Blind Mom Sees Baby For The First Time-VIDEO

Kathy Beitz, 29, has been legally blind since the age of 11 but was able to see her newborn with the help of eSight glasses. Video Source

The Home Water Birth of Krystle K’s Son-VIDEO

Watch the home water birth of Krystle K's 3rd child. Attended by her family, Whitney J and the birth team. This was a fast and smooth delivery and baby Elliott was born partially in the caul!

Newborn Lockdown: 5 Things You Need To Know

Sound familiar? I have experienced every single one of these with my newborns! by Nikki Pennington | staff writer for The Snap Mom Newborn Lockdown: this is what I have been on for the past seven weeks. Your pediatrician has put the fear ...

5 Tips For Bonding With Your NICU Baby

Many parents do not anticipate having to have a child stay in the NICU. This is an extremely emotional experience and can affect the parent's ability to bond with their babies. Here are 5 great tips to help! by Tatum Spruill | staff writer for ...

Baby Born with Two Front Teeth!

Have you ever heard of this happening before? This would have been quite a shock! Source: VIVA

6 Things You Should NOT Say To a New Mom

Entering the world of parenting is a tough gig and hurtful comments do not make it any easier.  by Nikki Pennington | Staff Writer for The Snap Mom I recall very vividly being a young and scared new mom. The day we were discharged from the ...

The Sweet Home Birth of Baby Lemma-Video

Ahhhhhh I love birth videos! As mine approaches I love to watch these for inspiration. Video Source: Burgess Coffield