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Why I Hate World Breastfeeding Week

Here at The Snap Mom, we support all moms. We desire to create space for everyone to be able to have a voice and share their story, in hopes of impacting others in a positive way. This next article may be raw. It may be controversial for some, but ...

This “Girl Without a Face” is Adopted, She Gains a Sister With the Same Disorder

 This got me good. What an amazing story. Get out the whole dang box of tissues. Originally published on cosmopolitan.com by Rebecca Sloan A little girl with Treachers-Collins syndrome – a rare disorder characterized by face ...

A Mom Called the Police on My 3-Year-Old Son After a Playground Accident

This is insane. I can't even imagine what my reaction would have been! What are your thoughts on this? originally published on yahoo.com By Emily McCombs I wasn’t sure whether or not to write about this. I generally prefer not to write ...

This Baby Died From a Kiss – Every New Mom Needs to Know This

I have a dear friend who's baby died from a kiss as well. So incredibly sad. Every new mom needs to know this. Please share to get the word out about protecting new babies from this!   Originally Published on practicallyviral.com ...

Brothers Had to be Hospitalized After Daycare Trip Due to BURNS! – VIDEO

This is absolutely outrageous! I would have flipped out! The part that bothers me is that the daycare minimized it saying that they were being babies about it and crying about it! UGH! Sunburns are serious...(Check out this Sunburn Salve) ...

Woman Saves Son But Dies Falling Into Faulty Escalator *disturbing footage*

**trigger warning | disturbing footage** This is so incredibly sad! Watch as this mom pushes her 2 year-old to safety before getting swallowed by the faulty escalator! Ugh...I am so sad! This kind of thing should never happen!

Baby Goes Home After 345 Days in NICU – VIDEO

What an amazing story! This baby was born at just 23 weeks gestation and fought for his life! He made it and after almost 1 year in the NICU he was able to go home!

This VIDEO Has Gone Viral – See Why – Man Returns to Womb

This 6 foot tall man returns to the womb inside a giant 6 foot balloon! See what happens! I kinda want to try this! ;)

Pics of Kids Destroying Life…

If you are a parent, one of the scenarios may look familiar! Ha! I think my favorite is the kid who put all of his books in the toilet! Like...how did he reallllly feel about those books? Haha

The Girl Who Has To Live In The Darkness – VIDEO

This little girl's condition causes her to have to stay indoors, but wait until you see what her parents have done to ensure that she stays active!