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Baby With Down Syndrome Surprises Wedding Guests!

"Down Syndrome does not define who Braden is or what he will be able to do." About the video: "Down Syndrome doesn't define my son, but it does create challenges that he works through every day. We do therapy at home once a week. We worked ...

COMPANY IS COMING – VIDEO (how mom acts…spot on)

"Get rid of the couches...we can't let people know we SITTTT"... Okay, so hopefully my mother does not happen to read this because I have to tell the world...this is spot on. But you know what? This is also spot on FOR ME! I get sooooooooooooo ...

Woman Saves Son But Dies Falling Into Faulty Escalator *disturbing footage*

**trigger warning | disturbing footage** This is so incredibly sad! Watch as this mom pushes her 2 year-old to safety before getting swallowed by the faulty escalator! Ugh...I am so sad! This kind of thing should never happen!

Baby Goes Home After 345 Days in NICU – VIDEO

What an amazing story! This baby was born at just 23 weeks gestation and fought for his life! He made it and after almost 1 year in the NICU he was able to go home!

10LB Baby Born in Car – VIDEO “High Five, We Did it Babe”

This couple was driving to a birth center when all of a sudden... I mean, is this dad not the calmest person in the world right now? He is a rockstar and so is this momma!

Conjoined Twins Survive 26 Hour Surgery to Separate – VIDEO

This is a medical miracle as far as I am concerned! I cannot imagine how nervous the parents of these twins were during the 26 hour procedure, but you can feel their emotions watching the video!  

Telemarketer’s Call Saves Woman Being Attacked – VIDEO

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com This is absolutely unreal! What a crazy story! Can you imagine what was going through this telemarketer's mind?!?! Story source www.foxnews.com

13-Year-Old Boy Saves Sister from Kidnapper – VIDEO

How proud would you be if this was your son?! He saved his 4 year-old sister from a kidnapper by latching on to her arm and screaming for someone to call 911! Wow!

Dad Coordinates With Police To Give His Daughter Tickets She’ll Never Forget – VIDEO

She will certainly never forget the way this present was delivered! Wow! Her dad is a hero in my book! Ha! I love what she says to the cop!

Steve Harvey Explains What to do When Strangers Try to Touch Your Baby! VIDEO

Freaking hilarious! I have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard! I will try this new technique with my baby this time around! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha