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The Thanksgiving Tree Kids Craft - The Snap Mom

The Thanksgiving Tree Kids Craft

I LOVE this craft idea! I will be doing this with my girls tomorrow!



by Kerry Purcell | Staff Writer for The Snap Mom
I love the holidays. A time that is full of anticipation of memories to be made. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, spend some time to think about how to involve and engage your children in the preparation and the celebration.

A Thanksgiving tree is the perfect way to get your children actively involved in the Thanksgiving festivities. With just a little prep on your part, you can create a memory making experience for the entire family.

Materials needed:

• Construction Paper
• Markers (preferably washable for the little ones)
• Pre-cut leaves if your kiddos are small, though practicing cutting with scissors is a great skill to begin working on around age 2 ½ to 3
• Tape

How Does A Thanksgiving Tree Work?

• Precut a trunk with branches. Hang the “bare tree” somewhere in the home at your children’s eye levels. It’s fun to hang the tree during naptime so that your little ones are curious about the new addition.
• Explain to your children about the Thanksgiving holiday. If they are young, keep it simple. Perhaps something like, “Thanksgiving is a time when we stop and think about all the things that we are thankful for – things that make us happy – things that make us feel loved”. Often times it is appropriate to give an example like, “Mommy is thankful for you because you make my life feel happy when you smile”.
• Select a time each day where you “gather round the tree” to talk about the things you are thankful for that day.
• Give each member of the family one pre-cut leaf. On the leaf, write down the thing you are most thankful for that day. Little ones can draw a picture or you can scribe.
• Hang the leaves on the tree.
• At the end of the Thanksgiving season, take the tree down, date it and put it away in a safe spot.
• Pull the tree out the next year and then start a new one. Great family time and great memory making for sure.



Kerry is a former teacher and principal turned consultant who spends way too many hours on airplanes as she flies across the country supporting leaders in underperforming rural and urban districts. When not lugging a suitcase through an airport, Kerry can be found spending time organizing and decorating her home and enjoying the little things in life. Kerry also works part time as an online instructor for Concordia University and is the founder and developer of the blog,