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The 4 Most Important Things I'm Learning in my Thirties

The 4 Most Important Things I’m Learning in my Thirties

These are all so spot on for me! I’m working hardest on #2…What about you?

by Lindsey Mills |staff writer for The Snap Mom

#1 Not feeling guilty over enjoying “me time”

I have learned to sit down on the couch and play a game on my phone sometimes when the babe is napping. It’s awesome. I get a massage every once in awhile and truly put my mind at rest (instead of thinking of all the things I have to do when I leave.) Treat yourself to a break; you deserve it!

#2 Saying NO to people and engagements

This was a tough one for me. I used to feel like if I said no I was letting people down, or I was socially expected to attend everything I was invited to. What I realize now is I was letting myself and my family down by not being more available. My husband and my kids are my first priority.

#3 My kids don’t need super mom; they need me

I am enough for them. God blessed me with them, and them with me. I don’t need to make a craft a week, or go on an outing…I just need to be there, and give them my full attention! I’m also learning that as a mom I need to apologize. I screw up. A lot. But you know what? They still love me. It gives me a chance to ask forgiveness and demonstrate a lesson about God. My kids are learning how to fix it when they mess up. They can see Jesus through us!

#4 Quit comparing myself to other families’ standards

What works for you probably doesn’t work for us. I would see it work brilliantly for you, then when it didn’t work for me, I would get discouraged and frustrated! My kids are little, so I know what works for us will evolve along the way. I vow to be accepting of that!


As I look ahead through my 30s, I am excited. I want to be malleable for God’s purpose. I want to be real and raw. Is it scary to be honest with yourself as you mature? Heck yes, it is terrifying. But you know what? It’s also exhilarating!

“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” – Unknown

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