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The Woman Who's Had Every Type of Birth - The Snap Mom

The Woman Who’s Had Every Type of Birth

Hello! Those who know me, (Krystle K) know that I am passionate about birth and am even more passionate about natural birth. It was THE single most empowering moment of my life coupled with THE most incredible bonding experience with my husband, who was my labor partner. Many times during my first birth (a 19 hour back labor) I looked deep into his eye and asked him fearfully, tearfully and timidly “am I ok? can I do this? will this work?” and his response was always (without hesitation) “yes!” And we did. Our daughter was born and we became a family just how I had pictured it. The birth of our second daughter was funny, fast and furious and happened in our bedroom but that’s another story for another time 😉


My cousin Robin was a major contributor (along with my mother who also had a homebirth) in my decision to have a natural birth. So I sat down with her and got the low-down for you! Hope you enjoy it!

You have had 5 births and every one has been different. Can you briefly describe each?

“My first baby Keegan was a hospital birth. I had everything the Doctors could throw at me done. Induction at 41 weeks, cervidil, continual baby monitoring, epidural and pitocin. All of this which then led to baby heart rate decelerating which then lead to a c-section. My second baby Carter was a hospital VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarian). I really had to fight to even find a Doctor that would listen to my requests to not undergo another cesarean. I could only find one in all of our home town. He turned out to be absolutely wonderful and listened to all I said about why I wanted a VBAC. I had Carter at 39 weeks. Went into labor myself. I did have pitocin and an epidural but managed to pull off a very successful VBAC!! Camryn was my third and all was pretty much the same as my second birth. She was born 2 days before her due date. Hospital VBAC birth with pitocin and epidural. My 4th baby Tenley was absolutely different than any of my others. I chose to have an all natural HBAC (homeVBAC) water birth. And I must say, she is a miracle baby. I had a partial placenta abruption at 13 weeks and from everything I heard, I would be having a miscarriage. With the miraculous power of Jesus and the help of midwives, Tenley was born successfully at home having gone through a very long hard back labor. She was born in the water and immediately put on my chest. We chose to delay cord clamping, which I believe has amazing benefits for baby. This birth was a complete 180 from my first and I loved it! My 5th baby Wrigley, my baby, was my dream labor (picture below). The labor and delivery consisting of only about 3 hours. I wasn’t even sure I was in labor till close to 1am and I had him around 3am. He was also born in the water, caught by his mama! And again delayed cord clamping and very little newborn procedures. This was my perfect labor/birth and I wish all my births were in this loving, caring environment.”


What were some of the obstacles you faced going VBAC?

“The only real obstacles that I had was finding a Doctor that would even consider letting me do a “trial labor”. This was in 2006 and I believe that there are more doctors now that are willing to let you try. I believe more women are now doing their research and learning the risks associated with multiple c-sections and the benefits of VBACs!”

Can u explain what was the main contributing factors for choosing homebirth?

“I honestly can’t pinpoint a moment where I had a light go on. I love to research topics and when I find something that seems amazing, I have to try it! My sister-in-law has had all her children with a midwife and hearing her and others who have also home birthed, just made me want to find out what it was all about. I met witg 2 local Birthing Centers and knew it was totally for me. They actually care about you and your baby. You aren’t just a number. You are their friend! So personable and loving. They also care about your whole being. An average check up was about an hour and that was with the midwife the whole entire time! Quite amazing and what a difference from being at Doctors offices before where the wait time to see the Doctor was an hour! During the labor of my last baby, I had told the midwife at my appointment exactly what I wanted to happen at the birth and she made it all happen!! They want you to have the birth that you have always desired and do everything they can to make sure it is the most positive loving experience you can have. They are the most supportive and encouraging people with a heart for all woman and babies. Love love love my midwives!!”

You went into labor on a plane????? Do share!

“Well yes and no. With my second baby Carter, My grandma died 6 days before he was born. She was in Ohio and I lived in Florida. I loved my grandma dearly and I couldn’t miss the funeral. The day of her burial I had started to have some contractions. That night I was on a plane headed back to Florida. I was having the contractions every few minutes. No biggie! We were then delayed because of severe weather. We managed to get to Atlanta where we had to RUN down the airport to catch our next flight. Yes, running, while having contractions, at the Atlanta Airport. We ended up making it home at around 3am which we then packed our birthing bag, called my mother-in-law to come get the oldest, and then headed to the hospital. He was born at 12:47pm that afternoon. I was told that it was quite amazing that my water didn’t break on the plane due to the pressure. Hey, but we made it!”

What advice do you have for any moms who want a VBAC?

“If you really do want a VBAC, fight for it! Don’t give up. If your doctor doesn’t want to help you, find a different one who will! Do your research and know the benefits associated with it and know the risks associated with repeat c-sections. That way you know what you are fighting for! Find support, whether it be from family or friends or your local ICAN network. And please please please, don’t listen to the naysayers. VBACS are extremely safe not only for mom but also beneficial for baby!!”

For any more information on natural birth,VBAC, birth center, or homebirths please feel free to contact our resident Midwife Snap Expert Harmony!

Krystle K

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  1. For Robin, or anyone who has an answer: I had my first son last April which ended up being a c-section. We plan on having many children and I want to try for a VBAC for the next one and the rest to come! I live in Palmetto, so my questions are:

    1. Do you know of a Dr. or Nurse-Midwife who supports and delivers VBACs in this area (homebirth isn’t an option for us).

    2. How soon could I get pregnant again and still be allowed to have a VBAC?

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Robin is a wonderful mom and friend!! Thanks for sharing all of your stories! So blessed by her love for her family! Thanks Krystle for sharing her fabulous story!!