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Thrifting: DIY Upcycling - The Snap Mom

Thrifting: DIY Upcycling

Thrifting: DIY Upcycling

Have you ever had something on your heart that you wanted so badly, but you could never A. Bring your self to buy, or B. Find ‘the perfect one’? For me, it was the spice rack.  Oh how I have longed for one! It sounds silly, but every holiday, or anniversary for like the last 2 years, that’s what I have asked for, and never received! Ha!

So I love thrifting. I buy most of my clothes at the goodwill, and get a pretty amazing thrill every time I find a treasure! Well this past goodwill trip was perhaps the BEST day in my thrifting career thus far! I bet you might have a guess as to why…

I FOUND IT! THE MOST UGLY, RETRO SPICE RACK I HAD EVER LAID EYES ON! Okay…enough with the caps! Gosh.I think you may have gathered that I was pretty stoked with my find. And to top it off it cost me $1.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I brought it home and gave it some love. I sterilized the jars, my husband sterilized the corks. I painted it. Ran to the health food store for herbs and spices, and seriously had a dumb smile on my face the rest of the night.  I have walked into my kitchen, (several times) just to admire my SPICE RACK!

So maybe you have a piece of furniture, a mirror, or what have you, that you just don’t like. Paint it! Re-purpose it. Bring it back to life! You will have such an amazing feeling of accomplishment and a beautiful new treasure!



  • Something old and yucky
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Idea
  • Love


  1. Bring it back to life.
  2. Have fun doing it.
  3. Love it forever!

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