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Tips For Donning the Christmas Tree With Little Ones - The Snap Mom

Tips For Donning the Christmas Tree With Little Ones

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go… Oh hey there, just singing a special tune because IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!  Can you believe it?!?! This is my most favorite time of the year. I have especially been anticipating Christmas this year because I knew how much my girls would LOVE it now that they are a little bit older.

So we put up our tree a couple of weeks ago (late for our family because we usually have it up on Halloween) and it went so very smoothly and that was only because I had made a list of how we would go about it and prepared things accordingly. Sounds silly, but if your kids are anything like mine, things have to be prepared and move quickly! Time is seriously of the essence! So here you are…


Tips For Donning the Christmas Tree With Little Ones

1. Set the atmosphere!

We lit a soy christmas candle, put on the christmas tunes, and dressed the girls in CHRISTMAS JAMMIES!


2. Fluff the tree!

We have a fake tree (sigh) and so putting up alllll of the limbs would be a little too long for the littles, so we had it ready to go for fluffing, which they LOVED!


3. Have the lights checked and ready to make the tree glow!

In years gone by, we always get to the lights part of decorating the tree and realize half of them don’t work! With kids’ attention spans…there is NO time for that!


4. Get those ornaments hooked and have them set out!

You know when you open that ornament box and they have all shifted and gotten un-hooked? Well, make sure to do the work AHEAD of time! (Or else!)


5. Have some yummy snacks!

By this point in this exciting process, the littles may need a break and may want to just watch you put the rest of the ornaments on, so have some Cinnamon Apple Chips ready for them to nosh on! (click here for the recipe)


6. Finish by reading a special book by the tree!

What a neat way to end this wonderful start to the Christmas season! (click here for one of our favorite Christmas books!)


I hope these tips help you have a wonderful “Donning of the tree” experience! If you have any of your own tips to add, please feel free to comment below!

Here are some photos of our time!



































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