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Toddler Terrariums

Toddler Terrariums

Did you know that during the last 30 years the amount of children’s free time has declined in favor of more structured activities?  For example, between 1981-1997, unstructured outdoor activities fell by 50%. (source)

Living in Florida, it can feel necessary to stay indoors to avoid the heat. Instead,we opt to go out either early in the morning or the late afternoon to get our outdoor time.

This really cool article on making your own terrarium got me super excited to go out exploring with my girls and make our own. They both enjoyed it so much and we had such a nice time outside talking about our finds. This is such a great sensory activity and we turned them into gifts for the grandparents.

– Krystle K 

IMG_6120 IMG_6126

IMG_6256 2

3 IMG_6316

IMG_6163 IMG_6298 

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