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Top 5 Breastfeeding Hacks

Top 5 Breastfeeding Hacks

Seriously this made me laugh so hard because they are all so spot on. Preach it sister!

By Amanda Dodson | staff writer for The Snap Mom

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When I started my nursing journey 4 years ago, I was very blessed to be surrounded by my mother, sister, and sister-in-laws who had all nursed quite successfully. So nursing was a no-brainer. I briefly read a nursing book and quickly adapted to my new life when my son was born. Over time I found that while there is a lot of information out there about how to successfully nurse, build supply, get baby to latch, etc – there was little information on managing my new life covered in milk, with tops I chose solely for the convenience of accessing my boob.

So here are a few tricks of the trade I’ve picked up along my journey that every nursing mom should keep in her arsenal.

1. Double cami all the way

Tired of exposing your whole belly and back when you nurse? Wear a tank top under your shirt. While nursing tanks are really nice, they are also pricey. My personal favorite is a loosened adjustable strapped tank or a converted tank like this.

2. Letdown getting you down?

I always seem to leak at the most inopportune times – and usually when I have my hands full! Not to mention, when my daughter nurses, my other side pours out like a faucet. The solution is so simple… Just apply firm pressure to your nipple for about 10-20 seconds and it will help stop the flow of milk.

3. Bedwetter

Well you may have control of your bladder again, but sleeping in a puddle of milk is never any fun. I despise changing sheets, so early on I discovered using a small mattress protector (like a crib protector or my favorite are the ones like they have at the hospital for your bed). These go right on top of my sheets and I change them out just about every day. I love them because they not only protect the bed, but also wick moisture away so it’s not like sleeping on a wet towel all night.

4. Left or was it the right?

Constantly forgetting which side you nursed on last? Forgot to move that special bracelet to the other arm or document it on your phone? I don’t know about you, but grabbing each boob to compare sizes is a little embarrassing in public and I’m never any good at documenting which side I nursed on. After the first month of engorged and leaky boobs slows down, I adopt the one nursing pad method. It’s just that; I use only one nursing pad, (bamboo washable all the way) and put it on the side that wasn’t nursed on last. Then when I go to nurse, I move it over and it keeps track for me, and also catches any little leakage that happens during let down.

5. Spoiled support

I love nursing bras, but they can be pretty expensive and having a few on hand is kinda necessary. Trust me, I only had one nursing bra with my first and I didn’t know how much I was suffering. A selection of quality bras and a good wash routine will make a world of difference in helping you feel supported, fresh and clean – despite your one shower a week 😉 It also helps take any extra hassle out of nursing. Having 2-3 good nursing bras is ideal. I keep mine in rotation, and hand wash every couple of days, with a clean one always ready. Personally, I like padded during the day, which keeps down on wet head lights while I’m out. At night I go for my $5 strapped sports bra. I love these because they are cheap and work perfect for nighttime feedings. Just pull down and go! I also rotate these every couple of days but they can be thrown in the wash!

Hope these hacks benefit you as much as they did me! Happy nursing! 

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