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Traveling with children: Tips & Tricks - The Snap Mom

Traveling with children: Tips & Tricks

Its midnight and tomorrow is travel day.
We will be driving 1 hour to get to the airport, check-in is 2 hours prior to boarding, flight is 7-8 hours, customs and baggage will take 1 hour and our drive to the destination will take another 2 hours. I estimate door to door will be about 14 hours of traveling. Did I mention I have a 1 and 2 year old?
I can actually laugh about it now but over this past Easter I flew with my girls to Spain and our travel days were so awful I had residual anxiety for weeks afterwards. I kept meaning to blog about it, but I seriously didn’t even want to re-live it. IM NOT EVEN KIDDING.
My husband had to work so a really close girlfriend came instead. My children cried so much on the arriving and departing flights she and I just looked at each other in shock. I even cried a few times. My 2-year-old had 4 teeth coming in and was really uncomfortable and my 1-year-old was just crying because her sister was crying. It was a MESS!!!!!! I’ve flown many times with them before but this was a nightmare compared to all our other flights. So bad in fact that strangers were coming up to try to help.
The upside? Now that the worst case scenario has happened, I’m feeling a lot more relaxed about tomorrow. haha

Here are a few of my Travel & Packing Tips:

  • Food is your friend. Packing food for the kids is my top priority when traveling. You want plenty of healthy snacks (below is a shot of my natural & organic packaged snacks). Try to avoid sugary drinks and candy, its hard to keep a kid in a seat for 7 hours period let alone after a dose of kiddy crack. I also have fresh fruit, veggies and lots of water ready. Nothing contributes to a toddler-tantrum like hunger.


  • Tote bags are your BFF. You are generally allowed 1 diaper bag and 1 purse to carry on. CAPITALIZE. I have the Vera Bradley Backpack as my diaper bag and use a tote for food, toys and anything I need to be able to grab QUICKLY. I found the below tote at Michael’s Craft Store for $2! It massive yet super lightweight and perfect to toss all your extras in. The hard part is not going overboard because it like Mary Poppin’s bag, it can hold a whole house.


  • Entertainment is a must. My children aren’t interested in the in-flight movies and refuse headphones so I have to BMOE (bring my own entertainment). Its great to grab a couple new toys fro the $1 store to surprise your child with and yes, I have LOADED up my iPAD with educational apps (I have a love/hate relationship with toddlers and media but travel is a major exception). Below is a coloring book, story book, dry erase kit and an awesome painting set which only requires adding water to the page.



  • Plan for the unexpected. I like to bring as much of my crunchy medicine cabinet and everyday items as possible. You can never know if where you are going will carry what you need, especially if you use homeopathy.



From left to right: BabyGanics 50SPF Sunscreen, Guess How Much I Love You Diaper Cream, Similason Eye drops, Miracle Ear Drops, Castile Soap, Arnica Get & Tablets, Organic Olive oil, The Honest Co laundry wash, antibacterial spray and mosquito repellant, Tea Tree & Lavender Oil a Which Hazel and Candela “boo-boo spray” and Hyands Baby teething gel ——–> Surprisingly this all fits into a pencil bag (minus the sunblock and diaper cream)


  • Lastly, try to leave as much at home as you can in regards to “things.” Beg, borrow, barter or rent items to reduce the amount you are having to transport. Items like strollers,car seats, pack ‘n plays, etc are most times readily available. The ONLY thing that I will not travel without are my Ergo baby carrier. Baby wearing has saved me SO many times in hectic airports when I’m stressed out and weighed down with luggage, need to be hands-free and need to shake a leg to a terminal.

****My apologies to Whitney J. Its drives her BONKERS when I use my cell phone to take pictures for The Snap Mom instead of my pro camera but sometimes its just so much easier****

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