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Traveling With Tots Made Simple - The Snap Mom

Traveling With Tots Made Simple

Love this! Now I feel more prepared for our trip to my parent’s house on Christmas Day!

by Christina Soderberg | Staff Writer for The Snap Mom

christinaThe time is here: presents are wrapped, bags are almost packed, and travel time commences. Whether you are flying and/or driving to your destination, these tried and true tips will ease your travel experience when you have little ones in tow.


SEATS: Three days prior to your flight, call the airline and confirm your seats. If you are not all sitting together, ask that you be moved to sit together. Sometimes paying the extra $10/seat is worth it so you are all together.

ACTIVITIES: A week to three days prior, pack a small bag/backpack of toys, books and activities for each child. They are allowed to have one small bag on the flight. Place the bag(s) out of sight until the day of travel. The items in the bag will be like new to them. Some ideas include: choosing a few of their favorite books, coloring book and crayons, getting a new color-wonder book with travel markers (no mess-no fuss), travel puzzles, favorite superhero figurine or doll. For the younger ones: books, favorite chew toys, and a few small toys that are not noisy. (check this out)

CAR: If you are traveling by car before your flight  fill a basket or tote with different books, toys, and stuffed animals. Also put together a small bag filled with juice, water, and easy snacks to put in the car on the day of travel. Keep them out of sight until the day of travel. Put the basket in the car next to their seats when you pack the suitcases. This will entertain them fairly well while driving.

TECH: If you have an iPad or iPod, download a few favorite shows, movies or games for the flight.

PAPERS: Pack their birth certificate or passport with your travel papers. Make sure you also have your health insurance cards with you. Hopefully a trip to urgent care is avoided, but just in case, you have it with you.

DIAPERS: Pack enough diapers and wipes for your trip& times two. Winter weather can cause potential delays.

FOOD: Pack enough food for two meals and plenty of snacks, fruit snacks and lollipops. You never know when a bribe  ah hem  reward will be needed when traveling. Make sure the meals are in sealed containers and easy to access in your carry-on-bag. {Link other travel article}

FLUIDS: When packing juice or formula, it needs to be factory sealed. Juice pouches and the travel packets of formula work great. Make sure sippy cups and bottles are empty before going through security. Buy bottled water after going through security.

EXTRAS: Pack a hat (planes get cold), an extra blanket, and bring their favorite stuffy.

FOOD FOR YOU: Do not forget to pack a few healthy easy-to-eat snacks for the adults :& Try to choose snacks high in protein to keep you going through travel. Also drink plenty of fluids before and during the flight.


BABYWEAR OR STROLLER: Use a light stroller and/or wear your baby. Believe me, the extra time it takes grab the carrier or run the stroller through security and tag it at the gate is well worth it! Your hands can be free and your child contained while you wait in line, prepare for security, and walk to the gate. Which ultimately equals less stress for mama when traveling!

DIAPER CHANGE: For children still in diapers, change them right before boarding time. You can even change them in their stroller if it lays semi-flat. Easy peasy.

WIPE DOWN AREA: When you board the flight, wipe your seat down. Yes, and the tray, and the arm rests, and around the window just to be safe. I am unashamedly one of those moms :&

TAKE OFF/LANDING: To help minimize ear pain, try and have them suck on something, chew something or drink something during takeoff and landing. Juice, snacks, lollipops, bottles, nursing or a pacifier work great. When giving them a bottle or nursing try and make sure they are half sitting up as this will help with ear pressure as well. If they are not interested in those things, give them a straw to blow into or have them yawn or open their mouth really big at least four times during take off and landing. If they happen to sleep on the flight,
wake them up during the landing as they do not swallow as much while sleeping.

Most importantly, give yourself grace! If your children cry on the flight, it is ok. You are doing your best and have done your best to make the flight pleasant for them.

Happy Travels and Merry Christmas!

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Christina loves to sing, write, and live life to the fullest. She is a writer for and CEO of the home;) She has an awesome husband and two sweet littles who stole her heart. Check out her blog! HERE