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To Be A Life Line - The Snap Mom

To Be A Life Line

I feel led to be vulnerable with you, to let you in a little deeper, to expose my humanness. As moms we need to know that everyone else’s lives are just as messy at times.

Yesterday was our health inspection, as I had earlier shared with you.

I woke up panicked because I had forgotten to get the life-ring for the pool. This was required for the water safety portion of the inspection. I sent my husband out for one and ran around checking each room had outlets covers, measured the crib slats (to make sure they fit required specifications), and filled out more paperwork.

We have worked so hard and done so much I was determined to pass the inspection.

By the time we finished everything and were waiting for our caseworker, my dear husband was kind of cranky, and I was stressed. Fear crept in and began to question me:

Why are you trying to make life more chaotic by adding others people’s children to your plate?

This is going to be hard on your marriage, is it worth it?

Refusing to let fear get in the way of what I KNOW we are called to do, I turned on Spotify for some music and went to make a tea. When I retuned to my computer, the image on my screen stopped me in my tracks and brought me to tears.



It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I am a firm believer that God can guide your life if you let him, and this small occurrence melted all my fears away.

The fact that we were missing our life-ring is actually perfect. A life-ring is a symbol of rescue. As foster parents we are raising our hands and answering the call of the distressed, the injured, the neglected.

To be a life line.

We haven’t even really begun our journey into the world of orphans and abused children, but itโ€™s already molding me and shaping me and giving me room to grow.

Krystle K

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  1. Hi! We just got our license to foster last week! Now we are waiting for a placement.

    We’ve received all kinds of feedback as well, some positive, some negative. My plan is to focus on the good and “disprove” the bad. Good luck with your journey. Like you, I believe this is a calling ๐Ÿ™‚