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Vaccines: Why I Don't Vaccinate My Children {trigger: loss & disturbing content} - The Snap Mom

Vaccines: Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children {trigger: loss & disturbing content}

Warning: This article may not be suitable for all readers. Loss and disturbing content discussed.

Before we get going, I wanted to say that the purpose of this article is not to bring shame or judgment on anyone that does choose to vaccinate. I have many friends who do, and I love them just the same. This is an article geared towards the parent who is on the fence about their decision, or maybe a parent who didn’t even realize they had a choice to begin with.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. This is a HOT TOPIC right now in our society, as more and more people are coming forward to talk about vaccine injuries. There are many facts and debates for both the pro-vax and anti-vax communities, but I wanted to write this article because the reason I do not vaccinate my girls is more than just philosophical, religious, or even research based. My reasons hit so close to home. You see, my family has a painful history of vaccine injury. Were it not for mandatory vaccines, I would have 2 more uncles, 1 more aunt, and who knows how many cousins. My grandmother lost not 1, not 2, but 3 babies/toddlers to mandatory vaccinations in the 1950’s. (just to let you know, not much has changed in the way of vaccines and their make-up since then)  I remember my sweet grandmother telling me about what it was like to lose 3 children. She had a hard time in the years after their deaths. Whenever it would rain, she would cry and fear that her babies were getting wet in their graves. She loved those babies more than anything in the world. Below is my mothers account of the tragedy .

It’s been 50 years since my younger brother died, and yet it is still vivid in my mind. His name was Michael. He was such a sweet baby, and I loved him dearly. I remember the day… I had just arrived home from school. I was in first grade, and expected this day to be the same as every other day. Well it wasn’t. With tears in her eyes, and a voice choked with emotion, my mom broke the news to me that my sweet Michael was gone forever. It was devastating, and hard to comprehend, and life continued on to give it’s blows. She asked me to watch my younger sister (3yrs old) while she went to the neighbors next door. (I found out later she was making funeral arrangements out of ear shot.) While she was away, my younger sister went into convulsions. They quickly whisked her off to the hospital while I stayed at the neighbors. I felt sad and desperate. I felt guilty that I was still alive while my little brother did not have a chance to live his life and now my sister might die as well! I took a knife from the kitchen, thinking I would end it all. My best friend walked in and asked what I was doing. I told her, and she responded that it would be a sin to kill myself and I would go to hell, so I put the knife away and lived my life the best that I knew how. My little sister sister survived, but our family had changed.

michaelMichael (pictured) was the third child my parents had lost. All three children had reactions to the polio vaccine. My eldest brother, Edward, had died before I was born. My sister Rita was born a year before me almost to the day, and died as well. Growing up, I wondered what it would have been like to have a sister so close in age. All three siblings had the same reaction of a high fever, convolutions, coma, and then death. The dr’s called it encephalitis (inflammation of the brain tissues). But my mother saw a pattern with the vaccines. I remember my moms reaction years later when it was made okay for parents to opt out of vaccinations. She was sad because it was the law back then, and she lost 3 precious babies. Our family of five would have been a family of 8. 3 little lives that we never got know beyond 2 years of age, prematurely ripped from our family. God has brought healing, and has used these situations to help minister to others who have suffered loss, but the ripple effect is still there from  3 little lives that were unnecessarily cut short. -Joan Lozier


Now after reading my mothers story, you can imagine the fear she experienced every time she had to bring one of her own children for vaccinations after losing 2 brothers and a sister. I reacted to my vaccinations as a baby, with a terribly high fever, and my doctors decided based on family history and my reaction, that I was no longer a candidate for vaccinations. The scary thing is (at least to me) that you can’t know if YOUR child is going to be the one to react!

My husband and I decided to vaccinate our first child, but on a delayed schedule. We took her all of 2 times, and then decided we just couldn’t do it any more. To take a perfectly healthy baby into a dr’s office, and bring out a lethargic, vaccinated baby was counter-intuitive for us. After MUCH research, we never took her back. Then after our 2nd daughter Sofia was born we were again faced with a decision, and her pediatrician layed out some pretty fear driven facts for us about why we should. After much research(again), I called the office and told them we would not be vaccinating her. I couldn’t believe the phone call from the pediatrician that followed! He told me that we were no longer welcome at his practice, and that I was going to feel awful as a mother when my child contracted malaria! He said that he could not subject his vaccinated patients to be in my kids presence during our visits (which makes no sense lol, because if they are vaccinated…there should be no issue right?)  Needless to say, we had to find another care provider!

We don’t just NOT vaccinate, we daily build our kids immune systems by making sure that they are eating right, giving them probiotics, etc.

The point of this article is to open up a opportunity for me to say to all of you parents out there that YOU as your child’s parent, HAVE A CHOICE! Do not be mislead into thinking that you have to vaccinate in order for your child to go to school either, because there are not only religious exemptions, but philosophical exemptions that can easily be obtained.  My charge to you is to do your research. Find out what the ingredients are in the vaccines.(read below) Explore delayed and staggered vaccination options. But please know that you have OPTIONS!

Thank you for reading this article. It was a hard one to write, but I hope that you are empowered knowing that you as a parent, have choices!

Below are some of the alarming facts, articles, and reports about the ingredients in vaccines and their possible effects.



Vaccine Court Awards Millions to Two Children With Autism

By David Kirby Author/Journalist

The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, better known as “vaccine court,” has just awarded millions of dollars to two children with autism for “pain and suffering” and lifelong care of their injuries, which together could cost tens of millions of dollars.

The government did not admit that vaccines caused autism, at least in one of the children. Both cases were “unpublished,” meaning information is limited, and access to medical records and other exhibits is blocked. Much of the information presented here comes from documents found at the vaccine court website.

Some observers will say the vaccine-induced encephalopathy (brain disease) documented in both children is unrelated to their autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Others will say there is plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise.

What’s more, these cases fit the pattern of other petitions, (i.e., Poling and Banks) in which the court ruled (or the government conceded) that vaccines had caused encephalopathy, which in turn produced permanent injury, including symptoms of autism and ultimately an ASD diagnosis.

And most of these children now have taxpayer dollars earmarked for applied behavioral analysis (ABA), an effective therapy specifically designed to treat ASD.

Meanwhile, parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors of both children testified they were developmentally normal, if not advanced for their age when they developed seizures, spiking fevers and other adverse reactions to their vaccines. According to these eyewitnesses, the children never fully recovered, and instead began losing vocabulary, eye contact and interest in others around them, all classic symptoms of regressive autism.

In the first case, involving a 10-year-old boy from Northern California named Ryan Mojabi, the parents allege that “all the vaccinations” received from 2003-2005, and “more specifically, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccinations,” caused a “severe and debilitating injury to his brain, described as Autism Spectrum Disorder (‘ASD’).”

The parents, who did not want to be interviewed, specifically asserted that Ryan “suffered a Vaccine Table Injury, namely, an encephalopathy” as a result of his MMR vaccination on December 19, 2003.” (“Table injuries” are known, compensable adverse reactions to immunizations.)

Alternatively, they claim that “as a cumulative result of his receipt of each and every vaccination between March 25, 2003 and February 22, 2005, Ryan has suffered . . . neuroimmunologically mediated dysfunctions in the form of asthma and ASD.”

In vaccine court, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services acts as the defendant and Justice Department attorneys act as counsel.

In 2009, Ryan’s case was transferred to vaccine court’s Autism Omnibus Proceedings,according to the docket. A year-and-a-half later, the government conceded that MMR vaccine had indeed caused Ryan’s encephalopathy.

HHS agreed that “Ryan suffered a Table injury under the Vaccine Act — namely, an encephalitis within five to fifteen days following receipt,” of MMR, records show. “This case is appropriate for compensation.”

Whether HHS agreed with Ryan’s parents that his vaccine-induced brain disease led to ASD is unknown. The concession document is under seal.

In December 2003, when Ryan was nearly two, he received his first MMR and hepatitis B vaccines before his family left for an extended trip overseas. That day, his mother testified, Ryan began shaking with uncontrollable tremors and “was really uncomfortable, he didn’t feel well at all.”

The nurse at Ryan’s pediatrician said the symptoms were “pretty normal after the vaccination,” and advised Tylenol. The next day, Ryan began crying, “but it’s not a normal crying,” his mother testified. “He didn’t go to sleep, he was without energy.”

The family considered postponing their holiday, but that wasn’t feasible. The doctor’s office said it was fine to travel. Prior to leaving, Ryan’s mother said, the boy had difficulty breathing and “was without energy and sleepy.” He could no longer hold his head up, something “he could do prior to the vaccinations.” At the airport, Ryan began “screaming,” she recalled. “He was just opening and closing his eyes so hard, he was pulling my hair.”

After his shots, she added, Ryan “stopped saying those words that he had, even mommy and daddy, that he had repeated a hundred times before.”

In early January, while still abroad, Ryan was rushed to the hospital with vomiting, high fever and red spots covering his body “from head to toe in a measles-like rash,” the attending physician said. Ryan was diagnosed with “febrile convulsion, probably related to MMR.”

The next day, another doctor diagnosed him with “high fever, skin rash, tremors, and lethargy,” which were “most likely due to an adverse reaction to multiple vaccines he received earlier.”

Two days later, Ryan returned to the hospital with a persistent fever of 104 or more.

Ryan’s parents testified that, upon returning home, they expressed worry to their pediatrician about behavioral problems, non-responsiveness and language loss, which later produced an ASD diagnosis.

At trial, however, the government argued powerfully that written medical records, and the recollections of Ryan’s doctor, were inconsistent with his parents’ testimony. If Ryan had truly suffered an MMR encephalopathy, for example, his family would never have taken him overseas. And his parents’ complaints of ASD symptoms were raised a full year after returning from abroad, they alleged. It looked like the family had a weak case.

But then something changed.

In October, 2010, Ryan’s attorney filed four new exhibits (under seal) and proposed amending the court’s “findings of fact.” In January and May of 2011, several more exhibits were filed, along with a motion to further supplement the findings of fact.

A month later HHS conceded the case, which moved into the damages phase.

Award details were announced a few days ago: A lump sum of $969,474.91, to cover “lost future earnings ($648,132.74), pain and suffering ($202,040.17), and life care expenses for Year One ($119,302.00),” plus $20,000 for past expenses.

Another undisclosed sum, several millions more, will be invested in annuities to cover yearly costs for life, which could total $10 million or more, not accounting for inflation. Nearly $80,000 was earmarked for ABA in the first two years.

The second case involves a girl named Emily, whose mother, Jillian Moller, filed back in 2003 and has been fighting in vaccine court since. The docket, crammed with 188 items, documents Moller’s extended but victorious struggle to win compensation for Emily, who has seizure disorder and PDD-NOS, a form of ASD.

Moller alleged that Emily was severely injured by a reaction to the DTaP vaccine at 15 months (when MMR, HiB and Prevnar were also given). “She had a vaccine reaction and she just spiraled out of control,” Moller said in an interview.

Emily’s fever spiked to 105.7 and she began screaming. She stared blankly and developed seizures. Before long she began “shaking episodes” at night and “repetitive behaviors, including arm flapping and spinning,” court documents show. Like Ryan, she developed a measles-type rash.

Things went from bad to worse. Emily’s medical record is filled with damage and suffering. One neurologist, for example, noted that Emily “had staring spells and an abnormal EEG.” Another diagnosed “encephalopathy characterized by speech delay and probable global developmental delay that occurred in the setting of temporal association with immunizations as an acute encephalopathy.”

Moller filed for an encephalopathy Table injury in 2003, unaware her daughter would be diagnosed with ASD.

Two hearings were held in 2005. “I was badgered and harassed for four hours on the stand,” she said. “They said Emily couldn’t have been that sick, or else I would’ve taken her to the ER. But I took her to my doctor and he said not to bring her to the hospital!”

Government lawyers insisted that Emily had suffered neither a vaccine injury nor encephalopathy. But every alternative cause they suggested “made no sense, because she showed no signs of those things before that vaccination,” Moller said.

The case dragged on for years, with motions and counter-motions, status reports and expert medical reports. In 2007, Moller filed for summary judgment. That also took years, as more medical records were submitted to bolster Emily’s case.

After the ASD diagnosis, the judge reportedly became convinced that Emily would prevail. “My attorney said she was angry, she felt forced into a corner with no choice but to find for us,” Moller said. “She said, ‘Emily has autism, and I don’t want to give other families who filed autism claims any hope.'”

The government agreed to settle. Last spring the case went into mediation and, on December 3 HHS made its proffer, which was entered into the record on the 28th. Emily was awarded a lump sum of $1,030,314.22 “for lost future earnings ($739,989.57), pain and suffering ($170,499.77) and life care expenses for Year One ($119,874.88) plus $190,165.40 for past expenses.” Some of that money will go to ABA therapy.

Based on the first year payout, another estimated $9 million will buy annuities for annual expenses through life, which after inflation has the potential to pay over $50 million dollars.

HHS did not admit that vaccination caused encephalopathy or autism, but merely decided not to dedicate more resources to defending the case.

“I don’t understand why they fought so hard,” Moller said. “We had the evidence: the EEG, the MRI, everything was consistent with encephalopathy, post-vaccination. How can government attorneys claim what our doctors said happened, didn’t happen?”

Perhaps the feds were loath to concede yet another vaccine case involving autism. Four cases in the Autism Omnibus Proceedings were recently compensated. Three of those cases are marked with asterisks, indicating the government did not conclude that autism can be caused by vaccines. But the fourth autism case that was paid out in 2013 (Ryan’s case? We don’t know) has no such caveat.

As for Emily, she is “not too good,” Moller said. “Her emotional state is fragile, at best. She has seizure problems and autoimmune issues… And it’s a constant fight when you have a vaccine-injured child. It’s not just the disability, it’s the ignorance. The hatred from the medical community towards families like ours is intense.”

(story source

Toxin Metals In Vaccines

Vaccines contain highly toxic metals, cancer causing substances, toxic chemicals, live and genetically modified viruses, bacteria and toxoids, contaminated serum containing animal viruses and foreign genetic material, extremely toxic de-contaminants and adjuvants, untested antibiotics, none of which can be injected without causing any harm.

The mercury, aluminum and live viruses in vaccines may be behind the huge epidemic of autism (1 in 110 in the USA, 1 in 10 worldwide as per doctors in the USA, 1 in 38 in South Korea, 1 in 37 as per a private study by doctors in New Delhi), a fact that (vaccines cause autism) has been admitted by the US Vaccine Court. About 83 suspected cases of vaccines causing autism have been awarded compensation.

The CDC of USA, the vaccine watchdog, has publicly admitted that its much-publicized 2003 study denying any link between vaccines and autism is flawed. The Chief of CDC Dr Julie Gerberding (now head of the Vaccine Division of Merck) has confessed to the media (CNN) that vaccines can cause “autism like symptoms”. The Autism epidemic is found in all countries that have allowed mass vaccinations.

In the year 1999, the US Government instructed vaccine manufacturers in the USA to remove mercury from vaccines “with immediate effect”. But mercury still remains a part of many vaccines. The vaccines with mercury were never recalled and were given to children up to the year 2006. “Mercury free” vaccines contain 0.05mcg to 0.1mcg of mercury, still posing a danger to the infant considering that mercury tends to accumulate in the body and that there are today many sources of mercury exposure. As per an American Academy of Pediatricians study: “Mercury in all of its forms is toxic to the fetus and children and efforts should be made to reduce exposure to the extent possible to pregnant women and children as well as the general population.”


Mercury used in vaccines is second in toxicity only to the radioactive substance, Uranium. Mercury is 1000 times more toxic than lead. It is a neurotoxin that can damage the entire nervous system of the infant. According to a study by Dr Teresa Binstock et al, more than 200 symptoms of autism match completely with symptoms of mercury poisoning. This study created a furor in the US political establishment and angry Congressmen demanded a ban on mercury in vaccines. The US Government responded by recommending that mercury not be used in vaccines. The industry did reduce the quantum of mercury in some single use vaccine vials but certain vaccines in the USA continue to have mercury in large quantities as an ingredient. In spite of pressure mounted by advocacy groups the vaccine manufacturers have refused to make available vaccines available to the developing world. Eli Lily, the manufacturer of the controversial mercury containing compound Thimerosal has considerable influence in the political circles and many prominent international politicians have shares in this company.

Mercury accumulates in fat. The brain being made mostly of fat cells, most of the mercury accumulates there and may be contributing to the peculiar symptoms of the autistic children. Interestingly the ethyl mercury that is used in vaccines can cross the blood brain barrier and has a greater tendency to accumulate in the brain. It has also the tendency to remain there for a long time, in many cases permanently. This presence is devastating to both the neurons and the brain cells.

The aluminum present in vaccines makes the mercury, in any form, 100 times more toxic through a process called synergistic toxicity. Aluminum is used in very large doses in vaccines ostensibly to cause an immune reaction. According to a very recent study, “it causes cells to give up their DNA”.


Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines:

For several years now, information has circulated among prolife groups and individuals regarding the development of very common vaccines through the use of tissue taken from aborted babies.  While initially the reports and information were not conclusively documented, further detailed research by several prolife groups has provided direct proof of a connection between aborted fetal tissue and most vaccines. That connection, and its implications for whether prolife citizens should consider using the vaccines, raises some complicated issues. In sorting through those issues, this LifeNotes will address the basic science involved, the documentation of the abortion-vaccine connection, the moral/ethical questions about using abortion-tainted vaccines, and information about available alternative vaccines.

Basic Vaccine and Cell Line Science

The vaccine process works by collecting samples of the actual virus, then growing and altering them in the laboratory to make a weakened strain of the disease. That weakened strain is put into a serum and administered into the body (usually by injection). The body’s immune system is more capable of naturally attacking and destroying the weakened virus, and thus develops the ability to effectively fight off the actual disease should the person ever be exposed to it. The advent of vaccines was a major milestone in medicine, saving millions of lives and saving many others from the devastating effects of diseases like polio.

In order to develop the weakened viral strain, there must be a medium or “cell culture” to grow it in. The virus invades the culture cells, feeds off the cell, matures, and multiplies. The cell cultures are a single type of cell that multiplies itself in a predictable fashion and can be sustained in a laboratory setting for years, even decades. These long-lasting cell cultures are called “cell lines.” The original cells that start these cell lines have been taken from a wide variety of sources, from monkey embryo and kidney cells, to chicken and rabbit embryos, and tragically, from aborted human babies. The issue of concern is that many common vaccines were developed using cell lines that originally were cells taken from electively aborted babies. The vaccines themselves do not contain fetal cells, but it is presumed that there is “residual” biological matter from the fetal cells that has been assimilated into the vaccine.

Cell Lines Originating From Aborted Babies

There are two particular fetal cell lines that have been heavily used in vaccine development. They are named according to the laboratory facilities where they were developed. One cell line is known as WI-38, developed at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, PA. The other is MRC-5, developed for the Medical Research Council in England. WI-38 was developed by Dr. Leonard Hayflick in 1962, by taking lung cells from an aborted female baby at approximately the end of the third month of pregnancy. Dr. Hayflick’s article published in the journal Experimental Cell Research states that three cell lines, WI-26, WI-38, WI-44 were all developed from aborted babies. “All embryos were obtained from surgical abortions and were of approximately three months’ gestation.”(1) Dr. Stanley Plotkin, who developed a Rubella vaccine using WI-38, addressed a question at an international conference as to the origin of WI-38. Dr. Plotkin stated:

“This fetus was chosen by Dr. Sven Gard, specifically for this purpose. Both parents are known, and unfortunately for the story, they are married to each other, still alive and well, and living in Stockholm, presumably. The abortion was done because they felt they had too many children. There were no familial diseases in the history of either parent, and no history of cancer specifically in the families.”(2)

The origin of the MCR-5 cell line, created in 1966, is documented in the journal Nature by three British researchers working at the National Institute for Medical Research. They wrote, “We have developed another strain of cells, also derived from foetal lung tissue, taken from a 14-week male foetus removed for psychiatric reasons from a 27 year old woman with a genetically normal family history and no sign of neoplastic disease both at abortion and for at least three years afterward.”(3) Noting that their research parallels that of Dr. Hayflick’s development of the WI-38 cell line, the researchers conclude, “Our studies indicate that by presently accepted criteria, MRC-5 cells – in common with WI-38 cells of similar origin – have normal characteristics and so could be used for the same purposes as WI-38 cells.”(4)

In both of these cell lines it is quite clear that the aborted children were presumed to be healthy, and that there was no life-threatening condition or other medically indicated reason for the abortion of these two babies.

There is a more recent cell line, PER C6, developed in 1985, which is being used currently in research to develop vaccines to treat Ebola and HIV. The origin of PER C6 is clearly documented. In direct testimony before the Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, Dr. Alex Van Der Eb, the scientist who developed PER C6, stated:

“So I isolated retina [cells] from a fetus, from a healthy fetus as far as could be seen, of 18 weeks old. There was nothing special in the family history, or the pregnancy was completely normal up to the 18 weeks, and it turned out to be a socially indicated abortus, abortus provocatus, and that was simply because the woman wanted to get rid of the fetus.”(5)

Currently several vaccines using the PER C6 cell line are in development. Undoubtedly the cells used to establish PER C6 came from a healthy baby, aborted from a healthy mother for social convenience reasons. While many of the common childhood vaccines used today were developed using the WI-38 and MRC-5 fetal cell lines, there are some vaccines available that were developed using animal cell lines. The tables on the following page indicate the abortion-tainted vaccines, and the available alternatives.

U.S. Produced Vaccines from Aborted Cell Lines

Disease Vaccine Name Manufacturer Cell line
Adenovirus Teva Pharmaceuticals WI-38
Chickenpox Varivax Merck & Co. MRC-5 & WI-38
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, HIB Pentacel Sanofi Pasteur MRC-5
Hepatitis A Havrix GlaxoSmithKline MRC-5
Hepatitis A Vaqta Merck & Co. MRC-5
Hepatitis A-B Twinrix GlaxoSmithKline MRC-5
Measles, Mumps, Rubella MMR II WI-38
Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chickenpox ProQuad Merck & Co. MRC-5 & WI-38
Rabies Imovax Sanofi Pasteur MRC-5
Rubella Meruvax II Merck & Co. WI-38
Shingles Zostavax Merck & Co. MRC-5

 U.S. Produced Alternative Vaccines

Disease Vaccine Name Manufacturer Medium
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis Daptacel Sanofi Pasteur Several
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis Infanrix GlaxoSmithKline Several
Hepatitis B ENGERIX-B GlaxoSmithKline Yeast
Hepatitis B Recombivax Merck & Co. Yeast
HIB ActHIB Sanofi Pasteur Semi-synthetic
HIB Hiberix GlaxoSmithKline Semi-synthetic
HIB PedvaxHIB Merck & Co. Complex ferm.
Polio IPOL Sanofi Pasteur Monkey kidney
Rabies RabAvert Chiron Behring Chicken embryo

There are currently no U.S. produced alternatives for Adenovirus, Chickenpox, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Shingles and Hepatitis A. Merck & Co. announced in 2008 that their Mumps and Measles alternatives, Mumpsvax and Attenuvax, will no longer be produced. The new version of the Adenovirus vaccine is currently only approved for use for military personnel.

Should These Vaccines Be Used? The Moral & Ethical Considerations

The ethical quandary created by the tainting of these otherwise beneficial vaccines is obvious and vexing. Parents are more than justified in wanting to protect their children from these potentially life-threatening diseases. It can be legitimately argued that parents have an obligation to take reasonable steps to protect their children. Likewise, as a society, we must take into consideration the morality and cost of failing to prevent widespread outbreaks of disease. Thus, there is a civic responsibility associated with vaccines and controlling diseases.

The moral perspective of those who are utterly opposed to the use of these vaccines is straightforward and equally justifiable. If these vaccines were developed from cell lines taken from Jews murdered in Nazi concentration camps, it is not difficult to imagine that there would be widespread, if not universal rejection of those vaccines. Since many prolifers see no difference between the moral magnitude of abortion and the Holocaust, their passionate refusal to use these vaccines is completely understandable.

When dealing with difficult ethical issues like vaccines grown on the tissue of aborted children, one of the main questions to answer is how should individuals act in a moral way when they are acting in a world that is filled with immorality? For example, should a person watch no television programming on a certain network because some of its programming is immoral? It is crucial to remember that the moral nature of any act depends first on the action itself. Secondly, the intention of the individual is also a crucial factor. The further away the current act (using a vaccine) and intent (protecting a child from a disease) of an individual are from a previous immoral act (aborting a child), the less that individual is restricted by the immorality of the previous act. While the act of aborting the child was certainly immoral, all of the steps involved with the development and use of the vaccines thereafter neither cooperated with the abortion, nor intended to promote more such practices, nor intended anything but the preservation of life and health.

The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life, and the U.S. and British bishops conferences have studied the issue in detail and concluded that using the vaccines is morally permissible. However, once a person learns that certain vaccines are morally tainted, there is an obligation to seek out ethical alternatives where possible and to make objections known to health care providers and vaccine manufacturers. In addition, parents are entirely justified in citing a “conscientious objection” to tainted vaccines being used to immunize their children, particularly when the vaccine is not for a substantially threatening illness (Chickenpox). Parents have a right to demand ethical alternatives be used or reject the vaccine if an alternative is not available.

A number of noted prolife activists have weighed in on both sides of the issue. Some have encouraged parents to use and demand nothing less than vaccines obtained through morally acceptable means.(6) While others like Jack Wilke, M.D., former National Right to Life Committee president and the late Bernard Nathanson, M.D., prolife activist and creator of “The Silent Scream” have opined that using the vaccines is morally allowable.(7,8)

What is unanimous among all commentators on the subject is that everyone ought to know of the facts surrounding the vaccines, and prolife citizens should make an effort to persuade – even pressure – vaccine producers to eliminate their tainted products in favor of ethically acceptable products.

1 – L. Hayflick et al., “The Limited In Vitro Lifetime of Human Diploid Cell Strains,” Experimental Cell Research 37, (1965): 615.
2 – “Gamma Globulin Prophylaxis; Inactivated Rubella Virus; Production and Biological Control of Live Attenuated Rubella Virus Vaccines,” American Journal of Diseases of Childhood 118, no. 2 (1969): 378.
3 – J.P. Jacobs et al., “Characteristics of a Human Diploid Cell Designated MRC-5,” Nature 227 (1970): 168.
4 – Ibid.,170.
5 – Transcript of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, hearing date 16 May 2001, 91.
6 – Judie Brown, “The Means of Vaccines,” National Catholic Register, April 30-May 6, 2000.
7 – J.C. Wilke, M.D., “Vaccines, Today’s Controversy,” Life Issues Connector, Life Issues Institute, July 2001.
8 – Bernard Nathanson, M.D., “Vaccines OK’d Despite Dark Past,” National Catholic Register, June 18-24, 2000.




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  2. […] is so interesting! I personally cannot/don’t vaccinate my children. (read why here) But I will definitely be looking into […]

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    Vaccines: Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children {trigger: loss & disturbing content} | The Snap MomThe Snap Mom

  14. Let me start off by saying that this is a very beautifully and heartfelt written article from someone who has been living with the ordeal of having lost family because of reactions to vaccinations..Whitney J, I am not by any means diminishing or reducing the pain of what your family has been through; kudos to you for making an informed decision in regards to your children’s health and well being. I wish I knew more parents like you who vehemently and whole heartedly fought for their children instead of following the pack like I and so many did. The only issue (and I am not quite sure if I can call it that since it has never been an option for me) that I have with this article is the statement regarding aborted fetuses. I am no way, shape, or form for abortions (as proven by my own choices in life), but have stood by a few who have chosen to do this because of their life choices (trust me, there was a heated argument involved). I agree with most of what was said in that portion of your discussion, but it seemed like it was added in to either a) appease a certain audience, or b) scare people away from immunization. I know I will probably be receiving much backlash from your followers, but to me your argument was strong enough without that to make a difference in parents who are “on the fence.” Please feel free to respond, I am just simply afraid of the backlash.

    • Turtle…I was in no way trying to scare anyone, just simply make people aware of the facts. I appreciate your comment though, and please know, you are welcome to have an opinion and to share it! Thanks!

  15. Courageous article Whitney. informative and thought provoking! Thanks for sharing. {HUGS}