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Vaccines: Your Rights - The Snap Mom

Vaccines: Your Rights

Many have read Whitney J’s heartbreaking family experience regarding vaccine injuries and why she does not vaccinate her children {click HERE to read} and today I will share my story.

Most likely my home birthing, placenta eating, co-sleeping crunchy posts already gave it away… so I’m sure it’s no surprise to our viewers that I choose to keep my children un-vaccinated. My ethos in general is always a natural approach but I will share a little unknown fact:
I had an appointment booked with my pediatrician for my firstborn to get vaccinated.
Like most mamas I was so consumed with fetal movement, belly growth, pregnancy information, birth, baby necessities and day-dreaming about holding my child, that I did little research about vaccines. I didn’t feel peaceful about vaccines so I decided we would pass. That was the extent.
Having only one meeting with my pediatrician ahead of time, I made sure he was ok with selective, delayed, and refusal and that was it. What I didn’t prepare myself for was defending my decision when it was “game time.”
At my newborn check-up the pressure was so intense to book an appointment for 3-month vaccines that I ended up scheduling it.
The doctor I saw in the practice was from South East Asia and she gave me HELL about what I was planning on doing. After “seeing first-hand what disease can do,” she couldn’t believe I would possibly subject my loved ones to such tragedy. She showed me worst case scenario pictures, told me my daughter was jaundiced, had lost too much weight, and promptly sent me bawling my eyes out to the ER.
I’m NOT kidding.
When we arrived the nurses were confused, said she looked fine but drew blood just to check her bilirubin levels. Everything came back perfect and I was furious.
I fully believe this was that doctor exercising her power over a freshly postpartum first-time mother.

From that appointment to the day of the 3-month appointment I researched and read and educated myself on the history of vaccines, the purpose of vaccines, the ingredients, the potential side effects, documented injuries, alternative medicine, and what choices I had.
When I let the doctor know we would be skipping them, I was let go from the practice. Fired is how I would put it. One thing I have learned is a lot of doctors will say they support your right to make informed decisions but when it comes down to it, they don’t.
I have since found a terrific doctor who hasn’t pressured me once to change my mind and treats my children with the type of care and concern I wish every parent could experience.
It’s important to remember: you are the client, you have rights and you have the ability to find healthcare that works for your family instead of being bullied or victimized by professionals. The key is knowledge. You have to educate yourself and not solely rely on others to care for you or your family. I’ve said this once, I’ll say it a million times: whatever you choose to do, it’s your right and your choice and we want you to know you are welcome here at The Snap Mom.

Whatever decisions you make regarding healthcare, remember YOU have the right to decline anything and everything you want (not just shots), you have the right to be your child’s advocate and you have the right to go elsewhere if you feel your doctor isn’t giving you the healthcare you deserve or listening to your concerns. Remember it is a business and you are a paying client. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant if the hostess was rude when you entered, the waiter brought you the wrong order and they charged you anyway. Why let a doctor’s office treat you that way?

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