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{VOTE HERE} Cup o' Cuteness Contest & Giveaway - The Snap Mom

{VOTE HERE} Cup o’ Cuteness Contest & Giveaway

VOTING is now open until May 26th @ 5:00pm

Comment below this post with the number of the entry YOU want to win!

The entry with the most votes WINS!

Good luck to all of our entrants!

Thank you to for sponsoring this giveaway!


cup 1











cup 2












cup 3












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  1. #1-How awesome!!! Gotta love all the cuties but I say it’s no.1 all the way

  2. #18!!! How can you not love how snuggly he is??

  3. # 20. Cutest dog ever!

  4. 26 Nancy Blethen

  5. 26. It was easier to have a baby than to vote.

  6. #12 is a cutie!

  7. 12!!

  8. Awww! They are all so cute but I loved #1!

  9. #25. She is adorable 🙂

  10. Little Cuties! They all so adorable!

  11. 16. All the way. Hilarious!