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So Why Have a Water Birth? This is Why...VIDEO

So Why Have a Water Birth? This is Why…VIDEO

Wow! What a peaceful birth! This woman is amazing. I attempted a water birth with my first. I labored for a long time in the soothing water and it really did help me cope, however I had to get out for the actual birth for various reasons.

A lot more women around the country are opting for water births and here are just some of the benefits: Water birth offers perineal support for a birthing mother, which decreases the risk of tearing and reduces the use of episiotomy. A Cochrane Review found that immersion during the first stage of childbirth reduces the use of epidurals, though it could not reach any other conclusions for other stages of labor or other outcomes and did not have enough information to make any conclusions on full water birth. It did not find evidence of increased adverse effects for immersion during the first stages of labor. –source

Would you attempt a water birth? Why or why not?