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What Every First Time Mom Thinks After Birth

What Every First Time Mom Thinks After Birth

#7 is a bit of a shocker for all FTMs (first time moms). What was your biggest surprise thought? 

by Nikki Pennington | Staff Writer for The Snap Mom

Let’s be honest, having a baby is very overwhelming, especially your first. You are consumed with emotions, hormones, and fears. You go from worrying about your sweet baby inside your stomach to worrying about them the minute they are delivered.

My thoughts after birth vary from one child to the next: some are expected, some are surprising.

Here is a glimpse inside my first few thoughts after having my first child.

Things escalated quickly…

  1. “I don’t hear his cry…Wait there it is, he’s ok, and sounds like his lungs are good.
  2. Fingers and toes, does he have ten fingers and ten toes? Count them now!…Ok, they are all there.”
  3. “Did I have a bowel movement while delivering and nobody told me? Oh my goodness, please no…Who cares! So what if I did? They have probably seen it before.”
  4. “Can I have him in my arms yet??”
  5. “Look how perfect he is! I dare someone to say he has a cone head!”
  6. “Let me just take a peek at all that hair under his cap. No hair? It’s ok, he won’t be bald forever… right??”
  7. “Wait, why does my stomach still look pregnant? They got everything out, right?? Maybe they left something in there!”
  8. “I can’t keep my eyes open. No really, they weigh one hundred pounds right now. Just a little doze…oh my gosh how long was I out? Where am I?”
  9. “So, what do we do now that he’s here?”
  10. “Maybe he will sleep all through the night, he seems to be a really good sleeper right now.”
  11. “I think I will get up and put my regular clothes on now. Oh dear, why won’t my jeans fit past my big toe? Please don’t tell me I still have to wear maternity clothes??”
  12. “Wait, I don’t remember wearing mesh underwear?”
  13.  “Did I just pee myself when I got up? What is going on with my body??”

 About the author:


Nikki is a stay at home mom to three high spirited boys. Three years ago she became a motherless daughter after losing her own mom to terminal brain cancer. When she is not playing the role of referee for the boys, she spends her days trying to encourage and inspire others that are on the grief journey.