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What Every Parent Should Know About Treating Burns

What Every Parent Should Know About Treating Burns

Great tips for being prepared in the case of an accidental burn! Always seek professional help if you are unsure how serious a burn is.

by Dianna Borntreger | guest writer for The Snap Mom

Hey mamas, I want to share my story with you so that you can educate yourselves on how to treat burns and have supplies on hand in case of this emergency. I hope you never have to go through this, but now you can be prepared if you do!

While my husband had our 16-month-old at his parents’ house, the unthinkable happened. Our baby, Weston, was playing in the living room and my husband had gone to the kitchen to check on lunch – not knowing that Weston had followed him. He opened the oven door, got the food, and set it on the counter. He heard Weston screaming and turned around to find him with both hands on the open oven door! We are so thankful that he wasn’t alone with him when it happened, because he had no clue what to do and we had NOTHING for burns at our own house. My sister-in-law was there at the time and had taken a burn seminar in the past. She knew exactly what to do and had all the supplies they needed. I shudder to think what my baby would’ve endured had they not been there!
I want to add that 3rd degree burns should be treated by a professional. Weston had deep 2nd degree burns. Again, I hope none of you ever have to go through this… but I encourage you to go out and buy these things so you can treat your family member promptly and correctly if it does!
Below is what we did to prevent infection and a traumatic trip to the ER:


First you want to soak the burn in cold water or aloe vera gel. I recommend aloe vera gel, as it has amazing healing properties and takes out the heat. It also eliminates dehydration of the cells, which occurs when you get a burn. (I keep mine in the fridge.) Soak the burn until the pain is gone – or as long as your kid will let you… They didn’t soak Weston’s hands very long because he was screaming so much.

Salve and Dressing

Next they dressed the burns with B&W salve and wrapped it. B&W is an AMAZING burn and wound ointment. So glad they had it! (Go get some to have on hand!) As much as possible, burns should not be exposed to air, as this dries them out and causes pain. We changed his wrap every 12 hours. This is important because you don’t want the gauze to dry out and stick to the burn. His fingers were so swollen and both palms were completely blistered. I still cry when I think about how much he hated us changing his wraps. Both hands were completely wrapped for two weeks and his left hand was healing nicely but the right still looked awful in one spot right below his fingers. It was puffed up and looked raw and even bled a little.


It’s also very important for burn victims to stay extra hydrated. We offered Weston a drink of water every 15 min or so.

More things to try…

A lady at our church told me to try Emu oil, so I started putting the drops on his burn, then covering gauze with B&W and wrapping it. Today it looks great and is starting to close up and looks nice and pink. His right hand is still wrapped, but we leave his fingers and thumb out so now he’s finally able to use both hands to play. We were also told that burdock leaves are great for pain in burns, but we didn’t have access to any. You would put the leaves on top of the salve before you wrap it with gauze. This would also prevent the gauze from sticking to the burn.
Day 2: It’s hard to tell, but his fingers are very swollen and his whole hand is blistered
2 weeks: All the blisters have popped and the skin is starting to peel off. Sidenote: Never pop them; let them pop on their own – this prevents any increased chance of infection as well as scarring.
At this point I was getting discouraged because that raw spot wasn’t healing very fast. It even bled a little at one point. That’s when we started using Emu oil. Within a couple days of using Emu oil along with the B&W, we noticed a HUGE improvement.
1 month later: All healed and no scars!