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What Happens When a Dad Calls Another Dad Out Regarding Car Seat Safety

What Happens When a Dad Calls Another Dad Out Regarding Car Seat Safety

Car seat safety is one of the many many things all parents should be knowledgable about. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make crucial mistakes when installing and using car seats. On average, 2/3 of parents are using the wrong size seat or strapping them in incorrectly. These mistakes can prove fatal in the case of a car crash. In an effort to save lives, parents are reaching out to fellow parents when they see mistakes being made. Unfortunately, it isn’t always received well and can turn into pretty heated debates. For various reasons the vast majority of the conversations are between women. Check out how this online car seat conversation went down between two dads. Do you think moms are more uptight about criticism or they just are barraged with so much parent advice 24/7 that they are naturally more defensive? –Krystle K



I think women tend to get more defensive when getting unsolicited parenting advice, because we are BARRAGED with it. We are told all day long, by neighbors and media, and well meaning family and friends that we are not doing enough, that we’re doing things wrong, that we’re terrible mothers. I don’t think dads face that kind of constant criticism. It’s only natural to get defensive when you’re sleep deprived and pushed to your limits and still being told that you’re screwing up your kids.” –S. Leung

“I’ll admit the first time a friend said something about car seat safety referencing a picture of mine I was super offended ?  I had taken the picture quickly before adjusting her – and I guess the suggestion felt like an accusation (i was stressed). I was definitely an asshole about it. Put a disclaimer on all previous car seat pictures and didn’t post any more after that.” –M. Linie

Thats the kind of bro code we should be living by (wink emoticon)” – W. Arora