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Whitney J's Blog: We Get Nice Things and We Hack 'em Up! - The Snap Mom

Whitney J’s Blog: We Get Nice Things and We Hack ’em Up!

Welcome to my personal blog here on 

Come on in. Take your coat off. Imagine that you are sitting on my floral, hand-me-down-from-my-mother-in-law couch, sipping some fresh made vitamin water from a mason jar, listening to some classical tunes. Oh and just when you feel relaxed, my almost 3 year-old will come over and begin asking a million questions. Feeling the love? Okay, now I can begin. 

“We get nice things and we hack ’em up.”

This has been a running mantra in our home ever since we gave life to two innately destructive little humans. My husband and I say this every time something is ruined, dented, scratched, dropped, drooled on, etc. Don’t know what I am talking about? Just wait…the moment will come when your child pees into a CD player (true story), breaks your diamond necklace, poops all over the floor, whacks (and scratches) your new vehicle on accident with a metal toy…I could go on and on. Sooner or later, you will find yourself saying (to keep from yelling, or crying over a newly ruined “thing”) “We get nice things, and we hack ’em up”. 

Recently, my husband and I were talking about how our children seem to be on a war path (one about to be 3yrs old, and another 15 months) and I realized that I am living some reciprocity. You see, I ruined so many of my parents things as a child, from dropping the lid to the toilet tank into my parents tub and chipping the whole tub, dropping my moms favorite musical carousal, putting the electric car keys into a cooler of melted ice, etc. etc. After breaking or ruining things, my parents would sit me down, explain that they were very disappointed by my careless behavior, but that as their child I would always be more important to them than any “thing” that got broken. What a picture of unconditional love and affection.  It boosted my confidence in my standing with them, while also making me want to be more careful.  After telling my husband about my parents’ relentless loving response, it really challenged us to sharpen our response to our children as our “things” get scratched or broken. Conveying to our children that yes, we are disappointed by the careless behavior, but that they are so much more important and special. Because isn’t that the raw truth? No earthly object will ever be more important to us than our girls. It is my goal and responsibility to prove to them that nothing can ever stop me from loving them with my whole heart.

I would love to hear about your “We Get Nice Things and We Hack ’em Up!” moments! Comment below. 

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