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Whitney J's Confession: I am a HypoLABORiac

Whitney J’s Confession: I am a HypoLABORiac

Seriously, I hate that I am confessing this to the world, but you see I literally think I am going into labor all the time. It’s embarrassing, but hey…we all have our issues. I have called my doctor more times than any pregnant woman should call. I have been admitted in to Labor and Delivery way too many times and really let’s just call it what it is:  I am a HypoLABORiac.




1. The conviction that one is in labor, often involving symptoms when labor is neither present nor likely, and persisting despite reassurance and medical evidence to the contrary. (coined by Whitney J)
When I was 24 weeks along, I sat down on my bed only to have a gush of fluid leave my body. I called my husband. I called my doctor. I called Krystle K. I called my Mom. I called my Mother-in-law…anddddd we headed to Labor and Delivery only to discover that I had peed myself. Awesome.
When I was 30 weeks, I was having some serious contractions and by golly I was bawling my eyes out like a weeny with each one. Turns out, oh yeah, I had forgotten to drink water that day. Cool.

Andddddd just last week at 35 weeks, I had contractions all day. They were consistently closer together and stronger, so I sent a text to my doctor, called my Mom, called my husband, called Krystle K and, you guessed it, we went in to Labor and Delivery. Again. And guess what? Well, my body hates me. Lol (I went in because my doctor wanted to stop my labor from progressing)

thinking I am in labor...

thinking I am in labor…

So, today I am sitting by the pool with my girls at almost 37 weeks pregnant and I start leaking some fluid. Literally, my heart starts POUNDING out of my chest cavity! I’m like…Holy Crap…my water is breaking. I was sitting there thinking that my baby boy must have long toe nails like my girls did, and with all of his stretching and moving he has punctured the amniotic sac!!!

thinking i am in labor again

just today…thinking my water broke…

So…I sent a text to my husband. I sent a text to Krystle K, and then I open my baby app only to discover that right around 37 weeks INCREASED DISCHARGE is completely normal. Ugh…

thinking i am in labor

My text to Krystle K…


Holy smokes. I am going crazy.

Phew…feels better to get all of this out there and just really come to terms with the fact that I have a problem. I am a Hyp0LABORiac.

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