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Whitney J's Hospital Bag List - Natural Birth Aids - The Snap Mom

Whitney J’s Hospital Bag List – Natural Birth Aids

Krystle K and I are both pregnant and both planning 2 totally different births! Watch this video where we go into detail!

I am planning a Natural Hospital Birth and here is my birth plan.

After I wrote my birth plan, women started asking me for my hospital bag packing list, so here it is!

I am bringing a TON of stuff because I love to be prepared! I think I am over compensating for my last two births, because with number one I didn’t even have a bag packed and with number two I didn’t bring what I needed! Anyway, I hope that you find this helpful or maybe just funny. lol… don’t judge me…

labor supplies


Essential Oil Diffuser to diffuse my labor oils. (see below)

Himalayan Salt Lamp to ionize the air. Sounds weird, but it really works, plus its pretty.

Blanket yes, because I am four and need my special blanket.

Pillow hospital pillows are weird.

Birth Ball  Most women instinctively start to sway or rock when seated or leaning against the ball. This movement helps create a natural rhythm which encourages open, easier breathing. Movement also encourages pelvic mobility which can help move the baby into an optimal birthing position. Also, in many of the positions assumed with the use of the birth ball, the spine and pelvis are in a favorable position to help properly align the baby into a good birthing position and relieve maternal back pressure. (source)

Breast Pump in case my labor stalls and I need to do nipple stimulation to get back on track.

Back Massager for obvious reasons. Kind of funny because that’s how I got here, if you catch my inappropriate drift.

Bose Speakers to play my awesome labor soundtrack.

Phone and Camera and chargers duh

EAR PLUGS (in CAPS because I MUST NOT forget them. I get so annoyed with all the beeps and buzzes from the machines lol)

Natural Aids

Arnica Gel to relieve muscle aches and pains during AND after labor. Might need two tubes. lol

Magnesium Oil to help relax my muscles and calm me during labor. 

Homeopathic Remedies:

  1. Cimicifuga racemosa 200CK to help with cervix dilation.
  2. Kali carbonicum 200CK to help with endurance during labor.
  3. Pulsatilla 30C to help labor progress quickly. 

Essential oils

  1. Lavender to calm me.
  2. Clary Sage to help labor progress. I will diffuse it and have someone massage me with it.
  3. Frankincense to calm me and help keep my muscles relaxed. Frankincense is an amazing essential oil for labor. I plan on using it to calm my emotions by inhaling the aroma.  Also, it helps relieve pain by rubbing the oil onto the lower back or on your tummy.  Also, if you tear “down there” you can apply frankincense directly to the area to help with pain and healing.

After Ease to help relieve after birth pains.

Sitz Bath Spray to help down thurrr heal quickly after birth.

Natural Calm for balance and quick recovery.

Food and Drink

Avocados (don’t ask…I just want them so badly in this pregnancy)

Luna Bars (have you tried these? I’m in love)

Snap Pea Crisps (I love the Caesar ones)

Coconut Water for electrolytes.

Kombucha (I make my own. Here is how)

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (to help with a swift labor)

Pretzels for my husband lol

Cabot Cheese 

I could go on…and on…


Comfy night gowns

Nursing bra

Thick socks

Yoga Pants

For the Baby

All Natural Baby Wash (I make this one)

2 outfits (like these)

Anything Else???

If I missed anything, please let me know!

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