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Why I Hate World Breastfeeding Week - The Snap Mom

Why I Hate World Breastfeeding Week

Here at The Snap Mom, we support all moms. We desire to create space for everyone to be able to have a voice and share their story, in hopes of impacting others in a positive way. This next article may be raw. It may be controversial for some, but nevertheless…here we go.

by Christina Soderberg | staff writer for The Snap Mom

Gah! World Breastfeeding Week.
Social Media plugs, pictures, tweets, instas, articles, news reports ALL highlighting World Breastfeeding Week.


I’m so done with it, and here is why. Personally, I think breastfeeding is an AMAZING way to bond and an AMAZING opportunity that women may have. I don’t hate breastfeeding; I HATE the automatic judging that comes along with formula fed babies. ALWAYS.

As an adoptive mom of two sweet littles who couldn’t breastfeed, it was so hard to experience the judging. It came from the suggestions and encouragement from those who had never adopted but were pro-breastfeeding still, hearing from those who did not know I adopted on why breastfeeding was the way to go, seeing the pictures, posters in the doctors offices, seeing social media explode during World Breastfeeding Week. I felt I was somehow failing my sweet babies. That I was missing out on something amazing. I now realize, those extra snuggles, baby wearing, skin-to-skin times were ALL special and bonding for us. I am thankful: thankful for those sweet times of bonding and extra snuggles and for the formula that provided the right nutrition for my sweet babies.

So what about judging? Don’t Judge. Ever. Moms who feed formula don’t have to give reasons why…
For the sake of understanding and compassion, here are potential reasons why:

1. Medical

The person you see formula feeding her precious baby may be walking though an illness that doesn’t allow her to breastfeed. She may have a physical disability (that you cannot see) that doesn’t allow her to breastfeed. She may have a medical condition that doesn’t give her the freedom to breastfeed due to medication needed. She is protecting her baby, while staying healthy, by formula feeding.

2. Adoption

The person you see formula feeding her precious baby is an adoptive mom. She actually did try to pump and prepare her body to be able to breastfeed, but it never worked. Every time she fed her sweet little babies, she prayed. She prayed the formula would be just the right nutrition needed, that it would help boost her sweet little babies’ immune system, that it would help her sweet little babies grow healthy and strong. And you know what? Those sweet little babies will be strong and healthy. I know because that was me, the adoptive mom.

3. Circumstances

From the outside looking in you see a mom formula feeding her baby. What you don’t see are the circumstances surrounding the decision made to formula feed. It could be a myriad of things; from the number of other children she has, to a spouse that doesn’t support breastfeeding, to preserving the sanity of self (to be a milking machine and needed every 2-3 hours can be daunting to say the least), to losses that happened, to not being conducive with a job, to so many other reasons!

This week, month, year, in the future, if you see a formula fed baby. Stop. Think: No advice necessary on why you think breastfeeding is the best option. You don’t know the reason(s) behind that decision. Even if you do, don’t judge! It is her baby.

And fellow snap moms? Beginning to take charge and switch to healthier options doesn’t mean you have to breastfeed. Know that formula is a great way to give nutrition to your sweet baby! As your sweet baby gets older, buy organic as you can, make your own baby food , give probiotics and more. There are a lot of options and ways to support a healthy family. You are doing great!

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