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Why One Woman Ditched Her Doctor For a Midwife! - The Snap Mom

Why One Woman Ditched Her Doctor For a Midwife!

Today we get to read a story from a mom who is a part of our Snap Mom Community. Chelsea Rose made a very bold decision more than half way through her pregnancy. Her boldness was inspiring to many women, and so we wanted to share her story with you!

What were some of the factors in your decision to switch? 

I switched providers when I was beyond my 20 week mark and its simple: I was tired of being a number. Every time I went to the doctor, I would wait hours in the waiting room, another 30 minutes bare bottomed in a private room, finished off with a quick 5 minute talk with the doctor who totally ignored every concern or question I had. Every concern I had was answered with, “well, you “are” pregnant”. I went to the same doctor with all of my previous pregnancies and with number 3 and 4 they always made comments about me getting “fixed” and would ask me if I had figured out what was causing the pregnancies yet. I don’t think they meant harm by it, but it was hurtful and uncomfortable for me. I am happy with having four kids and no, I am not ready to be “fixed”, nor should I be pressured into making that decision. I felt like they were comparing me to a dog having puppies! Needless to say, I started dreading all of my appointments.

What about the birthing center and having a midwife appealed to you?

The fact that I could give birth naturally in water was so very inviting to me.  My aunt had a water birth when I was a teen, and it totally intrigued me. 

When I was pregnant with my first son, Xavier, I secretively had the desire to have a water birth, but I was 17 and scared. I shoved that desire far back into my mind and never thought of it again until pregnant with number 4, Tyson. I was fed up with my current care and searched out for what other options I had. I knew there was something better for me and my family.
Krystle K referred me to the Rosemary Birthing Home and I was instantly pumped! I did tons of research, googled youtube videos, and even stalked the picture section of Rosemary Birthing Home’s website! I then asked myself why not? Why can’t I do that? And then…I just did it! 

How did your husband respond to the switch?

My husband flat out said no at first. Which, if you knew my husband you would know this is rare for him to do with me. He was so concerned we wouldn’t have the medical attention we needed in case of an emergency. I begged him to at least tour the birthing home with me and he did. Heidi, a birthing assistant of Rosemary showed us around as we played 21 questions. She was simply amazing and put my husband at ease. He agreed to do the water birth with a midwife. Through my prenatal care at Rosemary and their education courses, my husband and I learned more about pregnancies, labor and postpartum care than we ever had with 3 previous kids combined. Through education my husband decided it would be best if we birthed our 4th son in the comfort of our home, and I was so excited by this decision. Now my husband tells everyone about home births and how it is the way to go. I just sit back and laugh at how cute he is.

598790_4760557057738_68480439_nWhat did you like most about having a midwife?

Wow, I loved everything about having a midwife. I don’t have one complaint whatsoever. I was never rushed. It wasn’t a fake concern for me, it was genuine care. I made so many true friends. They love my family and I love them. I never got that from my OBGYN! 

Describe what it was it like to have a homebirth.

Having a homebirth was life altering. The whole experience from start to finish was empowering. It opened a door to my womanhood that was never opened.  It was like we crossed the line into a different world. A world in which society doesn’t control our decisions. It was so freeing to me as a mom. The actual home birth itself felt so “easy peasy” and beautiful. I called and told the midwife I was in labor, they came to the house, I chilled in the tub, ate an omelet with some grapes and pushed when it was time for him to come! My husband caught him, which was the most beautiful thing in the world and then we just sat there, all of us and admired the beautiful creation in such serene peace. I nursed him as 3 older brothers asked a thousand questions and made very hilarious comments that I thankfully caught on video. I showered and rested in my bed the rest of the day with my new baby and  I was catered to by my close family. What more could I have asked for?

What advice do you have for women who are unhappy with their care?

Change providers! Just do it! Yes, it’s that easy! We are only limited by the limits we put on ourselves. Educate yourself! Don’t live your life based on what society thinks you should be doing. Don’t be scared either. God designed our bodies for birth, and it’s such a powerful experience as a woman.  I look back on pictures of the home birth all of the time and say wow, I conquered that. Yes, I have had three previous births, but have never felt empowered by their births like I did with Tyson. If you have medical concerns that you think will keep you from birthing at home safe, just call and ask. They will be more than happy to help you make the right decision for the health of you and your baby, but you wont know if you have the opportunity if you don’t even try.

Thank you so much for sharing your story Chelsea Rose!

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