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Workouts On The Fly For Moms

Workouts On The Fly For Moms

Needing some inspiration to get going with a workout routine? Look no further! 

by Aubrey Rissler | staff writer for The Snap Mom  

Your children run into your room before sunrise; the energy already flowing. Their little mouths, eyes, bodies…wide awake, while you’re dragging to the coffee maker. They never slow down, really. All day consistent energy… it’s mind blowing. If you’re lucky, then they lay down for a nap at some point, and you have a short time to fit in a workout for the day.

Listed below, you’ll find a full week of short, invigorating workouts to put some pep in the rest of the day.

(Workouts On The Fly PDF attached at the bottom of the article)



That first day of the week where you just need to get some power back in your day. It might not be fun, but you have got to find a way to get your week started. Throw your kiddos in the stroller, run around a field beside a park, or if you have a treadmill hit it for a steady 20 minutes. If you have been running for a while, then 20 minutes will get you about 2.5 miles. If you haven’t, then this is a great place to start. A 20-minute run/walk will eventually turn into a full 20-minutes of running, and one day a quick 2.5 miles. Commit to this short time each Monday, and watch the progress.



Today you are going to stretch your body out. Check online for a Vinyasa Flow yoga routine. You can choose from the videos the length of time that you want to flow. Each video will end with a few minutes in savasana, which will be a restful meditative pose that will allow you a few minutes of quiet. Don’t skip this part! Allow yourself to get warm and stretched out with the video and then cool your body, your breath, and your mind down with your savasana. If you don’t like yoga, then vinyasa will be a good stretch and tone your body, and you won’t feel like you’re holding the same pose forever.



An old-fashioned body butt-kicking. You can do these exercises as quickly as you need, as long as you are finished within 20 minutes.  To sculpt your muscles, you will do the following exercises for 10 repetitions (reps) and repeat the full circuit 3 times:

-Full body Squats: make sure that your knees are behind (definitely not in front of) your toes. Keep your tailbone low.

-Low Squat: Stay in the low squat position, and pulse 10 times.

-Get into plank position. Butt should be lowered, heels pressing back toward the back of the room, and almost grip the floor/mat with your fingers. Your wrists should not hold all of the weight. Lift right hand, put it down. Lift left hand, put it down. Float a little forward and with elbows hugging into your ribs take a chaturanga, or push up. That’s one. Nine more.

-Lunges. Simple, effective.

-V-ups. Starting position should be on your back. Float arms overhead and stretch through fingertips. Actively engage legs, and flex feet. Simultaneously, bring your arms and top of body upward meeting your legs, which split into a V. Lift top and bottom of body to fold in half, as hands come in between your legs.



Choose between another run or a different cardio workout. If you’d like to do a different high-cardio workout, then you can use the following at 1-minute intervals:



-jumping jacks

-butt kicks

-frog jumps (front, right, back, left)


Take a full minute rest. Repeat 3 times.



Watch (and do!) a 20-minute Yin Yoga routine. Yin yoga really gets deeply into the the muscles, tendons, ligaments and gives your body a restful way to become more flexible. You’ll only be able to fit in about 4 different poses, since in Yin you hold the poses for about 5 minutes, but that’s ok! Just rotate poses each week, and begin by focusing on your tightest areas (shoulders, hips, etc.).



Repeat your favorite (or most challenging) from the week





workouts on the fly chart

workouts on the fly chart

Aubrey is a part-time writer and full-time nanny. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a magazine journalism degree. She is passionate about travel, health, and yoga.



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